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Experienced triathlete once said: „… from triathlon is no exit, as you try this sport there is no turning back.” And this is a very accurate statement. Sport gives amazing benefits. It helps to keep good health, be more efficient, gives better perception of the world. What’s more, affects positively on our relationships with others and personal development. This applies especially to endurance sports and in triathlon the effect is probably triple. So it can be surprising to those who do not train. Because the total effort input in sport is not as large as the benefits for each athlete.

In Endure we perceive sport and training as a passion. From our own experience we know what it means in practice, what athlete feels and with what he must face up to at competition and in daily practice. We have individual approach to every athlete and take full responsibility for his development and health. When making a training plan we take into account not only physiology, but also job and family. We try to rach goals in sport in harmony with other aspects of life. We come with full commitment regardless of the sport level, age or skills. Everyone has their own goals and obstacles, because, as Booker Taliaferro Washington:

„Success is not measured by the position that one has reached in life, but rather by the obstacles that he overcomes trying to succeed.”

However, it is not easy to create such a perfect training plan. But this is possible. Achieving this we use effective methods. This means effective time spending on training and preparing effectively to the specific of triathlon. For example, we don’t plan 3h on gym per week, if the overall training time is 8 hours. We don’t do a training cycles which building aerobic base at slow, long mileage. We don’t construct training plan through a combination of swimming, cycling and running. Training for triathlon requires a different approach. In addition, there lot of other factors expect muscles and cardiovascular system. You cannot forget to learn proper pacing, be aware of your capabilities, psychological approach, adapting to the conditions for competition, nutrition, and gear. There is no one best formula in training for everyone, so we keep records of each single training session to verify athlete’s development.

In Endure we have professional approach to coaching. We use our practical and theoretical experience from several years as athletes and coaches. We constantly developing our experience and knowledge, questioning own and others training methods. If you are an athlete who knew his goals and feel a real passion for triathlon or running, regardless of the level from which you begin, we encourage you to join Endure. With us you will begin to train wisely to train hard.